Hello and welcome to Traigh Papercrafting, named after two of my favourite ways to spend my time….

Crafts come in many shapes and forms and over the years I have tried many different disciplines but it’s only in recent years that I have totally fallen in love with papercraft.

There are many, many amazing papercraft blogs out there and some very talented crafters sharing their projects and ideas across social media but as a total beginner I found myself feeling a little overwhelmed and struggling to see where to begin in developing my own skills and ideas and working out which products and tools I needed to bring  my ideas to life

This blog is a record of my papercraft journey and I plan to share my favourite craft projects and products with you. So far it has been a huge learning curve and part of the fun has been continuing to learn new skills and experimenting with new products and techniques.

I will be sharing some of my favourite projects, giving you my honest opinions and experience of some of the products and tools I use and also any useful hints and tips I pick up along my journey.

If you need  instructions for any of the projects I make or more information about the products I use please get in touch. I will also do my best to help with any other crafty questions  you have too.

If I have adapted a project from another crafters blog, Facebook page or YouTube channel I will credit them in my posts and will add links when I can. There are many similar projects being shared by lots of different crafters out there. The links I give you will be to the person I got the inspiration from as it is often almost impossible to trace a project back to it’s original designer.

Happy Crafting

Anne-Marie x