Hello and welcome to Traigh Papercrafting, named after two of my favourite things in the world….

Crafts come in many shapes and forms and over the years I have tried many different disciplines but it’s only in recent years that I have totally fallen in love with papercraft.

There are many, many amazing papercraft blogs out there and some very talented crafters sharing their projects and ideas across social media but as a total beginner I found myself feeling a little overwhelmed and struggling to see where to begin in developing my own skills and ideas and working out which products and tools I needed to bring  my ideas to life occ17_p54bswap

Papercrafting is a hugely relaxing, enjoyable and fulfilling  hobby but like most other hobbies can prove very expensive especially when you’re just starting out. There are a huge range of tools, products and accessories on the market and if you are a complete beginner, like I was, the best piece of advice I can give you is to do your research and think carefully before buying any of them.

Many of the tools are a considered purchase and the temptation is to rush in and buy what you need for that first project.  It’s important to think not just about what you need for those first few crafty projects but to think about what you might need in a few months time as your skills and confidence develop.  One of my own personal regrets are the three paper trimmers and the guillotine I have bought in the last few years. All of them good quality items but I found each new one in turn was in some way better or had an additional features that the one before was missing…


Which brings me nicely to my ‘Shop with me’ button at the top of the page.  As you will see in the blog header I recently became an independent demonstrator for ‘Stampin Up’ I found this company in the middle of last year and having watched some YouTube tutorials and looked at their catalogue I made my first purchase from them about 5 months ago. In January I signed up to become an Independent Demonstrator with them for two main reasons, firstly because of the quality of their products (which I will be reviewing and telling you about in the blog posts to come) and secondly because, as a Demonstrator, if you choose to purchase through my ‘Stampin Up’ shop I will earn a small amount of commission which I can use to help replenish my crafty supplies and will help to keep me crafting.

To browse the current ‘Stampin Up’ catalogues or make a purchase just click on the ‘Shop With Me’ tab above and it will redirect you to my ‘Stampin Up’ shop.

By reading my blog or using any project ideas I share there is NO expectation or obligation for you to make a purchase (but if you choose to that’s fantastic). The aim of this blog is to share experiences, knowledge and ideas and hopefully have some fun along the way.

If you need any advice or information about ‘Stampin’ Up!’ products or any of the other products used in my projects, or have any questions or requests for topics to be covered please email me at the address in the contacts tab above and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Happy Crafting

Anne-Marie x