Football Crazy…


Hello crafty friends.

There’s been a little bit of football madness going on in the craft room over the last few days.

From time to time I send some cards to my lovely friend, who runs Macroon’s Tea Room within the post office, on the tiny Isle of Barra in the Outer Hebrides.

Barra is situated on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Visiting the Island involves a 5 hour ferry journey from Oban on the west coast of the Scottish mainland but it is worth every moment of the often bumpy and wild journey to get there…….it is a small piece of heaven. With unspoilt, beautiful white sandy beaches it has to be seen to be believed and we were blessed to have the chance to live there for seven wonderful years.

Football is a bit of an obsession on the Island. which has it’s own very successful team. For this reason I decided, when I was designing this most recent batch of cards, that I should include some with a football theme.

I had a few ideas for the cards I wanted to make and after some research on Pinterest came up with these designs.  Working out the measurements for the football card at the top of the page took a bit of time but once I had them it took no time at all to make. I used a hexagonal die from my stash to build it.

The football pitch card below was made using my Scan N Cut to work out a template to cut all the parts to layer together and I was delighted with how the finished card looked.

The final ‘cupcake’ card was taken directly from some similar cards I saw on Pinterest. I used football stamps from a magazine freebie stamp set and, since there were so many of them, cut them out using my Scan n Cut too. I love the flexibility of these cards because you can customise them to the colours of your favourite team.

There are still a few more designs I’d like to try out but I hope you like the ones I’ve come up with so far.

If you want to try making similar cards and need any further details of my methods or measurements please get in touch and I’ll do my best to help.

Hoping you all have a lovely crafty day.

Anne-Marie x

4 thoughts on “Football Crazy…

  1. I have been looking at an idea for a footie card and love your cupcake idea so going to give this ago. Unfortunately I don’t have any fancy card making equipment just some stamps and punches and loads of crafting paper so fingers crossed it come out ok. Great idea and thanks for sharing!

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